Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Guitar Update Number One Point Five

No video today, but I wanted to put it on the record that progress is being made in the following ways:
  • I'm now using the actual microcontroller (circuit board) that will be in the guitar, the Arduino Mega 2560. This has a lot more inputs and outputs than the Arduino Uno, which I was using before.
  • The menu system is now pretty much fully functional, allowing me to route any sensor to any MIDI parameter and adjust settings such as the minimum and maximum values a sensor can transmit.
  • I can now connect three MIDI devices simultaneously (I have been having tremendous fun controlling my synth and sampler at the same time).
  • I have tracked down a large sheet of transparent plastic which will be cut down to size and used as a giant scratch-plate to mount the sensors (and cover the large hole in the guitar).
A new video will make its way to this corner of cyberspace as soon as I've made enough progress that any new footage is easily distinguishable from previous stuff.

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